Toolbox II

Original price was: € 199,00.Current price is: € 79,99.

An answer to creativity’s biggest burdens: chaos and overwhelming choices.

Designed to be a timeless, non-genre-related tool, Toolbox is packed with iconic units that deliver premium and rare sounds for beatmakers, music producers, and musicians at all levels. It puts an arsenal at your fingertips for finishing your tracks or setting new trends.

  • Lifetime free updates
  • Loops and samples compatible with Studio One® Prime, Artist, and Professional (versions 4.6.2 and higher)
  • Some presets require Studio One Artist or Professional in version 4.6.2 or higher, or version 6.0.0 (see Tech Specs Section)


Original price was: € 149,00.Current price is: € 125,00.

When powerhouses Toolbox and Drumbox join forces, the result is the Duobox Bundle,  a game-changing combination that brings unprecedented synergy to your Studio One™ music productions. This dynamic pairing offers a comprehensive collection of genre-defying sounds, patterns, and effects, all within an intuitive and organized environment.

  • Lifetime free updates
  • Duobox combines Toolbox and Drumbox at an unbeatable bundle price.

See the Specs table below for content and preset compatibility for each Studio One version. 


Original price was: € 90,00.Current price is: € 49,99.

Drumbox is the ultimate drum machine experience for PreSonus® Studio One™.

This nostalgic anthology of iconic drum machines that have shaped the course of music history is more than just a traditional library: It’s a collection of expertly  crafted sounds, patterns, and effects.

  • Lifetime free updates
  • Drum Kits/Impact XT Presets compatible with Studio One™ Artist (versions 4.6.2 and higher).
  • Open Air and Note FX presets require Studio One Professional (versions 4.6.2 and higher)
  • Drumbox Magic Toolbar requires Studio One Professional version 6.1.1 or higher.